Built-in Level Indicators
Each AquaPro fill cap’s built-in level indicator tells whether the particular battery cell needs water or the electrolyte level is OK.

Internal Water trap
The integrated water trap protects against explosive transmission of oxy-hydrogen gasses from one cell to another through the water hose system. (Verified by German battery company Hagen, Research results available on request).

Durable Polycarbonate Body
AquaPro is made of polycarbonate. This high quality material is more impact and temperature resistant than the cheaper polypropylene used by most competitors.

Self-closing Hydrometer Access
The self-closing hydrometer access allows one to insert a hydrometer without opening a cover that could break, get lost or be left open. The maximum diameter of the fill-tube is 3mm (1/8”).


Cell Adaptability

  1. 1/4 Turn Bayonet - North American cell openings DEKA, C&D, EnerSys, Exide BULLDOG
  2. 1/8 Turn Bayonet - Japanese cell openings
  3. M27 Screw-in - Spanish cell openings TUDOR
  4. M30 Screw-in - Italian cell openings FIAMM
  5. 35mm Push-in - European cell openings VARTA, Chloride some Douglas, some Rolls
  6. 3/4 Inch Push-in - Most 12 Volt monoblock batteries Group 4D, 6D, 8D Group 24, 27,31



I-Batt Maintainers

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