Technology for hassle free maintenance!

I-BATT MAINTAINERS has been doing business on the East Rand for the past 8 years during this period we have acquired the technology and Infrastructure to service our clients in the best possibly way through the Combined efforts of its competent staff and business partners.

We strive to be on top of all new developments in the industry and to apply this knowledge to the benefit of all our clients.

I-BATT further supports the government BEE initiative by only dealing with Suppliers who acknowledges this initiative, internally I-BATT has also undergone some severe internal changes by selling of 40% of the company to a consortium of BEE partners.

Over the past 8 years we have had numerous requests from consumers to come up with a system that would make battery maintenance easier or eliminate it to an extend.

The only option up till now, was to install sealed cells but they had their limitations in the field such as needing a controlled environment to operate in, their live expectancy is not as good as vented cells and they are a bit expensive in comparrison to vented cells if you look at the Amp/Hour you are getting for the Rand you are paying.


I-Batt Maintainers

66 3RD Street Boksburg North, South Africa

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