• Firstly the system was designed to save time thus saving labour and travelling costs to the consumer and giving the technician more time to do other more productive work then to hassle with battery maintenance.

  • The consumer has the advantage of having a vented lead acid cell that is almost maintenance free.

  • The system can be fitted to any type of vented lead acid cell.

  • Once the system is installed there is no need to ever touch the top of the cell again.

  • The fill-cap has a self closing hydrometer access port built into the cap.

  • The system has a 5 year warranty on the fill-caps and caps are interchangeable it doesn’t matter which manufacturers cells are used.

  • No more acid spillage on top of cells that could cause tracking on top of the cells.

  • No more acid holes on battery room floors.

  • Less corrosion on cell posts.

  • A big safety risk reduction because technicians has no need to come in contact with electrolyte any more.

  • No more over or under filling of cells using the manual system.

  • No more exposed cell plates due to unsificient electrolyte causing damage to the cell when using the auto system in other words longer battery life because of better maintenance.



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