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The unique revolving quick-lock adapter, in conjunction with the compact design, ¼” fitting and narrow hose ports makes AquaPro as easy and fast to install as an ordinary vent cap. The built-in level indicator and self-closing hydrometer access make it the most user friendly system. In addition, AquaPro is made of polycarbonate. This high quality material is more impact and temperature resistant than the cheaper polypropylene used by most competitors. It comes with seven types of adapters to fit all common batteries. Seventeen interchangeable Snap-on floats allow precise adjustment to meet the electrolyte level requirements of almost all batteries even rare types. The floats are number and color coded, so selecting the proper float is easy using the AquaPro gauge.

  1. Level indicator
  2. Self-closing hydrometer access
  3. Low profile
  4. 17 different Snap-on floats
  5. Revolving Quick-lock adapter
  6. 1/4" fitting with narrow ports


AquaPro’s shut-off valve uses the hydrodynamic and hydrostatic forces of water (R&R patent), always adapting to existing pressure conditions. Add to this the fact that it works with only two moving parts, and it is obvious what makes AquaPro more reliable than any other watering system. It can operate with gravity, or pump tanks as well as pressurized water supplies. AquaPro is able to operate from 0.7 psi (0.05bar) to 45psi (3 bar) the widest pressure range of all available fill systems in the world! On top of that, is it the fastest watering system, because no other design has such a large water passage.

  1. Shut-off valveSelf-closing hydrometer access
  2. Vent chamber
  3. Degas valve
  4. Water trap
  5. Large water passage
  6. Valve sealing ring



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